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HALL 2.0


(1964, Milan)

This artwork results in an endless and unimaginable visionary design, which creates a bond between a very ancient skill and a reflection on the concept of contemporary time; the decorative pattern and the slow time involved in sending a letter. In each stamp there is a microcosm, which together with the others creates a larger cosmos, and then an entire universe.

Elisabetta Di Maggio’s first solo exhibition at Christian Stein was presented in 2018.

On view: Elisabetta Di Maggio - Solo show at Galleria Christian Stein, Milan 2019

Elisabetta Di Maggio lives and works in Venice. For many years, she has been conducting research that emphasizes two salient elements of life: the network of communications necessary to transmit information and the time required for these actions to occur. She has been endeavoring to exhibit the close connections among the plots, circuits, grids, structures, and networks belonging to different environments.

She has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including:

XLV Biennale of Venice (1993), the first edition of the Premio Furla per l'Arte (2000), the XV Quadriennale d'arte in Rome (2008); Perchè questo è un tempo duro, CIRCOLO, Milan (2023); Naturalis historia, Studio Trisorio, Naples (2022); Andature II, Museo Marino Marini, Florence (2022); ASTRATTE donne e astrazione in Italia 1930-2000, Villa Giulia, Como (2022); Paper Routes, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. (2020); Della materia spirituale dell'arte, Museo MAXXI, Rome (2019); Words are Very Unnecessary, Arter Museum, Istanbul (2019); Terre Vulnerabili, a growing exhibition, Hangar Bicocca, Milan (2010); Hopes and Doubts, Fondazione Merz, Turin (2008); Space for Your Future, MOT Museum, Tokyo (2007).

Untitled, 2023, postal stamps and cut paper, cm.h. 170x170

Provenance: the artist

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